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Billing Services

Your full-service Orthotics & Prosthetics billing service.

Our expertise is in providing initial insurance verification through final payment posting including any denial management or appeals necessary.  On a consultation basis we also provide review and assistance with claim appeals and provider education.  Contact us today to find out how we can help your practice maximize efficiency!


Claim Submission

Electronic submission of claims when payer availability permits to ensure prompt claim handling and payment.


Accounts Receivables/Collections

Prompt and detailed claim follow-up practices to ensure timely claim payment.


Payment Application

All payments directed to practice owned accounts and applied promptly by Prudential.


Claim Appeals

Claim appeals with a proven record for success!  Experienced with all levels of Medicare appeals including Medicare ALJ and Appeals Board.


Audit Response

Prudential will reply to all payer audits, pre and post payment, for claims filed by Prudential.


Patient Statements

Patient statements generated and mailed out monthly. We however do not provide patient collection services.